How Public Spaces are Being Transformed Around the World

A Brazilian urban planning collective called Urb-i is scouring Google Street View images to find the best examples of public spaces that have been transformed from car-oriented streets to pedestrian and bike-friendly promenades. Check out the stunning before and after images in this article from Tech Insider that demonstrates the power of re-imagining public spaces, and then visit Google Street View to see if you can find some local examples, such as this one we clipped of 2nd and Bell in Belltown. We can’t wait until Melrose Promenade is counted among these inspiring examples of pedestrian-oriented public spaces.

2ndBell 2007 2ndBell 2015

Advisory Committee Meeting this Wednesday, 9/12

Our next Melrose Promenade Advisory Committee meeting will be this Wednesday, Sept. 12, at 6pm at the Capitol Hill Library (425 Harvard Avenue East).
We’ll be discussing:
– general project updates,
– our community visioning process,
– our Opportunity Fund application, and
– recent and upcoming promotional efforts.
Advisory Committee meetings are open to anyone in our community interested in becoming more involved in the Melrose Promenade project.
Hope to see you then!