About Melrose Promenade

The Melrose Promenade project aims to transform Melrose Avenue and a nearby park, open space, and bicycle trail into Seattle's next great greenway.

Melrose Promenade Update

Hello fans of Melrose Promenade! Since the vision plan was revealed, the Advisory Committee has been busy seeking funding sources and community support to implement pieces of the Promenade (and regretfully neglecting this blog in the meantime). We wanted to give you updates on some progress we’ve made over the last few months.

Neighborhood Matching Fund Grant: We are pleased to announce Melrose Promenade is a recipient of a $50,000 Neighborhood Matching Fund Grant! Sponsored by the Department of Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Matching Fund Grants are designed to allow community groups like Melrose Promenade to create something meaningful for their neighborhoods, such as improved public spaces and cultural activities.  We will use the funds to implement part of the Promenade concept plan, so follow us here or on Facebook to stay up to date on when we’ll hold community engagement meetings to discuss.

We also want to point out that we were able to identify nearly $146,000 in matching community funds as part of our grant application. That’s nearly three times the amount of the grant, and includes cash donations, volunteer hours, and in-kind donations. Thank you, neighbors, for your generous and continued support! We truly would not be here without you.  

Manmoon streatery: Earlier this year, the City announced the streatery application we submitted with our project partner Mamnoon Restaurant was approved by SDOT! What’s a streatery? It’s a parklet that the sponsoring business can operate as a sidewalk café during their business hours. And if you are wondering what a parklet is, you can learn all about it here. We can’t wait to see how this new sidewalk amenity further activates the southern end of Melrose and we look forward to enjoying the view along with one of Mamnoon’s addictive sandwiches.

New crosswalk:  Have you felt a little more carefree while crossing Melrose between Starbucks and Six Arms? That might be because of the crosswalk SDOT painted in May! This important safety improvement is a demonstration of the power of collaboration to benefit the community. The crosswalk results from the long-time advocacy of neighbor Patrick Jones, with the support of local businesses, and from Melrose Promenade’s work to make our streets and sidewalks safer for pedestrians in coordination with the City of Seattle. Thanks to these efforts, this part of Melrose is now safer for pedestrians. Now we can’t wait to tackle the rest of Melrose!crosswalk

If you have questions or want to get involved with the Advisory Committee, please email us at melrosepromenade@gmail.com, or send us a message on Facebook. We’d love to talk to you and hear your ideas for the gateway to Capitol Hill! 

How Public Spaces are Being Transformed Around the World

A Brazilian urban planning collective called Urb-i is scouring Google Street View images to find the best examples of public spaces that have been transformed from car-oriented streets to pedestrian and bike-friendly promenades. Check out the stunning before and after images in this article from Tech Insider that demonstrates the power of re-imagining public spaces, and then visit Google Street View to see if you can find some local examples, such as this one we clipped of 2nd and Bell in Belltown. We can’t wait until Melrose Promenade is counted among these inspiring examples of pedestrian-oriented public spaces.

2ndBell 2007 2ndBell 2015

Melrose Promenade: central span of 3.5 mile neighborhood greenway

Coming soonBMP Map 2017 to a city near you: the Melrose Promenade.

The City of Seattle has identified the entire length of Melrose Avenue as the central section of a 3.5-mile long neighborhood greenway that will span from Eastlake on the north through Melrose to First Hill on the south. The Seattle Department of Transportation will be planning in 2015, and implementation is scheduled to be complete by 2017.

While this is a major victory for the Melrose Promenade, our advocacy cannot stop yet. The City will carry out significant public engagement in their planning process, and it’s our jobs to make sure that the community-generated, community-support Melrose Promenade plan remains at the forefront of their minds.

Stay tuned for when and where the City’s community outreach events will take place, and when they do, please come out and show your support for safe, healthy, and happy streets.

Check out SDOT’s full report here: BMP Implementation Plan 2015-2019.

Melrose Promenade Visioning Project Report Now Available!

Our community vision for the Melrose Promenade project is continuing to take shape!

MP Report Cover

After a series of three public meetings earlier this year, our consultants from the Berger Partnership, Schemata Workshop, and Weinstein | AU have collaborated to produce a report capturing the range of ideas, dreams, and goals for Melrose Promenade.

MP Active Urban

Thank you to the many volunteers who planned and participated in the community visioning process, to our consultants, the City of Seattle, the Seattle Parks Foundation, and everyone else who contributed. This process was made possible by a $20,000 Neighborhood Matching Fund grant from the City’s Department of Neighborhoods.


Join us for our 3rd Community Visioning Meeting!

When: 6 – 8pm, Weds. March 20

Where: Broadcast Coffee (1623 Bellevue Avenue)

Our consultants from the Berger Partnership, Weinstein | AU, and Schemata Workshop have been hard at work preparing a proposal that reflects the community desires expressed during our first two visioning meetings, as well as our via our online survey, which more than 120 of you completed (Thanks everyone!)

At the meeting, we’ll be reviewing feedback generated at our previous community meetings and providing further input on the proposed concept plan that our consultants have prepared for the Melrose Promenade.

Couldn’t make it to our last meeting? Here is the slideshow that was presented showing the community’s responses to our survey.


2nd Community Visioning Meeting Next Weds.

Our community visioning process is now in full swing!

Join us for our second community visioning meeting, where we will review the feedback generated at last month’s kickoff meeting, as well as the results from more than 120 responses to our online survey.
In addition, we’ll get a chance to review some preliminary design ideas for various aspects of the Promenade, and suggest our own ideas for things we’d like to see included.

Hope you can join us! Visit our Facebook event page.

Check out these photos from our first community visioning meeting in January:



Melrose Promenade Site Plan, Boards from Meeting #1

Check out this helpful site plan that our friends at the Berger Partnership created. This helps give a sense for the different segments within the Melrose Promenade, including the “Greenway”, the “Overlook”, and the “Active-Urban” areas.

Melrose Promenade Site Map

Also, if you’re interested in seeing many of the ideas that were generated at the first community visioning meeting, check out these question boards, which include notes taken at the meeting.

Our consultants will be giving a full run-down of feedback received at the upcoming Melrose Promenade Advisory Committee on Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 6pm at the Capitol Hill Library.

First Community Visioning Meeting a Big Success!

Thanks to everyone – our engaged neighbors, our consultants, our advisory committee and partner organizations, and our host Broadcast Coffee – for contributing to an outstanding kickoff for our community visioning process. About 35 of us participated in this positive, forward-looking discussion for how we can build a better Promenade together.

A more detailed recap of the event, as well as photos, are soon to come, but in the meantime, please complete the following Survey Monkey poll to share your ideas for the Melrose Promenade (for both those who could and those who couldn’t attend in person).

Join us for our first Community Visioning Meeting TONIGHT

We are kicking off our series of three community visioning meetings tonight at 6pm at Broadcast Coffee (1623 Bellevue Ave.) Tonight’s session will be led by our fabulous team of consultants: the Berger Partnership, Weinstein | AU, and Schemata Workshop. And, we will be joined by guests from the City of Seattle.

We will be looking at various sections of our future Promenade, identifying our hopes, dreams, and desires for what we hope Melrose will one day become.

Spread the word: Tell your friends and neighbors! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Melrose Promenade Community Visioning Meeting

Want to help create the vision for transforming Melrose Avenue into the Melrose Promenade? NOW is the time to get involved! Our first community visioning meeting will be Thurs., Jan 24, at 6pm at Broadcast Coffee (1623 Bellevue Ave., just south of E. Pine St.)

Any and all community members are encouraged to participate in this meeting! The team of the Berger Partnership, Weinstein | AU, and Schemata Workshop, along with the Melrose Promenade Advisory Committee, will lead a series of activities to help us determine just how we want the Promenade to look.

This will be the first of three community visioning meetings that will eventually lead to a report outlining a detailed proposal for the Melrose Promenade.

To view the Facebook invite, click here.