About Melrose Promenade

The Melrose Promenade project aims to transform Melrose Avenue and a nearby park, open space, and bicycle trail into Seattle's next great greenway.

Construction Slated to Begin Fall 2020


Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is continuing the design on the Melrose Promenade project to create a safer, more inviting street for everyone. Thank you to all of the residents, business owners and neighbors who have contributed to the community vision on Melrose Avenue over the years. Construction is slated to begin as soon as fall 2020.

Visit SDOT’s project page to view the latest design and sign up for project updates: http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/projects-and-programs/programs/bike-program/protected-bike-lanes/melrose-promenade

Tonight’s the Night! SDOT Hosts Melrose Promenade Open House

Good things come to those who wait!

Eight years of community outreach, organizing, and planning have led us to tonight’s Melrose Promenade Open House, hosted by our partners at the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), and made possible by a $3 million grant to design and build the Melrose Promenade.

In 2016, the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) awarded the federal grant to SDOT. SDOT’s formal community outreach begins tonight and will inform the design of about a mile’s worth of improvements along Melrose and Minor Avenues. SDOT expects construction to begin by 2020.

Please join us at tonight’s open house, which will be from 5:30 to 7 at Melrose Market Studios at 1532 Minor Avenue. This will be a great opportunity to share your insights and ideas for how to build a safer, more enjoyable Melrose Promenade.

Melrose Promenade Project Area

SDOT’s $3 million grant will fund improvements along Melrose and Minor Avenues from University Street to E Roy Street.

Update: Community Crosswalk Install; Design Forum 6pm, Oct. 17, at The Summit

We’re excited to share the winning community crosswalk designs, which will be installed in the weeks ahead.

We’re grateful to local artist Sarah Snedeker for devoting her time and creativity to helping us bring to life this latest component of the Melrose Promenade vision, and to the Berger Partnership and SDOT for their technical expertise!

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The winning designs will be appearing at the corners of Pike and Pine in the next few weeks. Thank you to the 156 neighbors who voted on designs for the Melrose Promenade Community Crosswalks.  Thank you also to the dedicated members of our advisory committee and crosswalk selection committee for their help in guiding this process.

In more exciting news, we will hold the first of three public meetings, in coordination with our partners at the City of Seattle and the Berger Partnership, to update the overall project vision and inform the future design of the “Active/Urban” section at the southern terminus of the Melrose Promenade. We are grateful to the City’s Department of Neighborhoods for the Neighborhood Matching Fund grant that is making this exciting next installment of our project possible. The meeting will be at 6pm on Tuesday, October 17 at The Summit (420 E Pike Street). Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Public Art Hits the Melrose Promenade

The Melrose Promenade is about to get a long overdue splash of color!

After reviewing several worthy proposals, we hired local artist Sara Snedeker to design several concepts for a pair of “community crosswalks”. The installations, which will be painted later this summer or in the fall, will cross Melrose at both Pike and Pine Streets. We have three concepts and five designs to choose from, and we need your help!

Please review the designs below and complete our online survey, letting us know which art you’d like to see on the Melrose Promenade.

Concept #1 – “Eye Spy on Melrose”

Melrose Eye Spy

Artist Notes: Inspired by the architecture, colors, themes, and character of place.
Upper Left: window from Starbucks building, palms from the palm tree near the bike shop (Rapha, formerly Bauhaus), oyster (T. Shellfish), beet (M. Market- a spin on their sign), succulents (parklet planter box and rooftop/patio gardens), coffee portafilter w/ M for Melrose, historical brick pattern mimicked on the buildings and roadway.



Alternative – Artist Notes: Images with plants reflect the foliage on Melrose and add a pop of vibrant color

Concept #2 – “Burst of Color”


Burst of Color

Artist Notes: This is a vibrant and fun piece that depicts a geometric shape in the center with the initials for Melrose Promenade. Bursting out from the geometric piece are all the beautiful fractals of light that you’d see shimmering off a quartz or any other precious stone. This one would add a BIG pop of color and a little extra spunk to the area.

Concept #3 – “Poem Dazzle”


Artist Notes: There are a few angles and shapes that have been taken from the facades of buildings as well as the Starbucks window- all flipped on its side and churned into dazzle camo (popular with pop artists in the 1920’s). I imagine lines of a poem would be placed within the different angled lines. White letters on the black stripes and black letters on the white stripes. I can add this in at any time, I just want to be sure there is a consensus on a poem first.


Alternative – Artist Notes: Adding a Burst of Color


Seeking: Artist to Bring Life to Melrose Promenade Crosswalks

The Melrose Promenade is getting its first two community crosswalks this summer, and we are hiring an artist to design them!


Can you help us give this crosswalk a little more personality?

In partnership with The Department of Neighborhoods, we are seeking an artist to develop site-specific artwork for two crosswalks located on Melrose Avenue at the intersections of Pike and Pine.

Please see our Request for Qualifications, and if you are interested submit your application by May 8, 2017.

Artist RFQ Melrose Promenade 2017 FINAL

Community Crosswalks Coming to Melrose Promenade Summer 2017

This summer, the Melrose Promenade is receiving its first two Community Crosswalks at Pike and Pine Streets, but before it does, we need our neighbors to weigh in on which designs they like best. We are forming a Selection Committee to oversee the selection of the artist, and the selection of the final design, and we invite you to join us. If you are unable to serve on the Selection Committee but would still like to review and weigh in on the design concepts, we will be posting them on our website and Facebook page, and hosting a community open house to review them, and to meet with us and the artist.

If you are interested in participating in the Melrose Promenade Community Crosswalk Selection Committee, please email us at melrosepromenade@gmail.com.

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PSRC recommends $3 million for Promenade

The Puget Sound Regional Council is recommending that $3 million in federal funds be allocated to design and build entire Melrose Promenade neighborhood greenway and protected bike lane improvements! THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our project and taken it so far, especially our partners at the Seattle Department of Transportation for their work on the grant proposal.

Urbanist Picture

Photo from TheUrbanist.org

In its proposal, SDOT said:

“The Melrose Promenade project will continue the build-out of the all ages and abilities bicycle network in Seattle by developing a protected bicycle facility design and connecting residents to community resources like parks and schools. It will also address the safety issues at intersections, where pedestrians and bicyclists are more likely to be involved in collisions. The reconfigured intersections will improve safety and make walking and biking more comfortable. The reconfigured roadway will provide increased separation for bicyclists and pedestrians, reduce exposure to motor vehicles, install protected bicycle lanes and neighborhood greenways, and upgrade the public right-of-way to create a community space for gathering.”

Read SDOT’s full grant proposal here.

And, see PSRC’s map of all projects recommended for funding here.


Melrose and Pike just got a whole lot safer!

The paint’s almost dry on the Melrose Promenade’s new, safe pedestrian crossing at Melrose and Pike. Huge shout outs to our dedicated volunteers for their work to secure a Neighborhood Park & Street Fund grant from the City of Seattle to pay for these improvements, and thanks to SDOT for making this project such a high priority and building it so quickly. Check out the coverage on CHS!

IMG_8493 IMG_8302


Photos by Patrick Jones

IMG_9875 IMG_9814

Photos by Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

Next Melrose Promenade Advisory Council Meeting: Sunday, November 1 at 1pm

As all of you may know, and thanks to so many of your efforts, we’ve made a ton of progress in 2015, and as our $50,000 Neighborhood Matching Fund grant from the City has been approved by City Council, we’re going to rely on everyone’s contributions to get this next phase of our project built.

Please join us for our next Melrose Promenade Advisory Committee, Sunday, November 1, from 1-2:30pm in the upstairs area at Six Arms. We will discuss our implementation of recent funding wins, future event planning, and more! Please comment below or email us at melrosepromenade@gmail.com if you’d like to join us. We hope to see you there!