Public Art Hits the Melrose Promenade

The Melrose Promenade is about to get a long overdue splash of color!

After reviewing several worthy proposals, we hired local artist Sara Snedeker to design several concepts for a pair of “community crosswalks”. The installations, which will be painted later this summer or in the fall, will cross Melrose at both Pike and Pine Streets. We have three concepts and five designs to choose from, and we need your help!

Please review the designs below and complete our online survey, letting us know which art you’d like to see on the Melrose Promenade.

Concept #1 – “Eye Spy on Melrose”

Melrose Eye Spy

Artist Notes: Inspired by the architecture, colors, themes, and character of place.
Upper Left: window from Starbucks building, palms from the palm tree near the bike shop (Rapha, formerly Bauhaus), oyster (T. Shellfish), beet (M. Market- a spin on their sign), succulents (parklet planter box and rooftop/patio gardens), coffee portafilter w/ M for Melrose, historical brick pattern mimicked on the buildings and roadway.



Alternative – Artist Notes: Images with plants reflect the foliage on Melrose and add a pop of vibrant color

Concept #2 – “Burst of Color”


Burst of Color

Artist Notes: This is a vibrant and fun piece that depicts a geometric shape in the center with the initials for Melrose Promenade. Bursting out from the geometric piece are all the beautiful fractals of light that you’d see shimmering off a quartz or any other precious stone. This one would add a BIG pop of color and a little extra spunk to the area.

Concept #3 – “Poem Dazzle”


Artist Notes: There are a few angles and shapes that have been taken from the facades of buildings as well as the Starbucks window- all flipped on its side and churned into dazzle camo (popular with pop artists in the 1920’s). I imagine lines of a poem would be placed within the different angled lines. White letters on the black stripes and black letters on the white stripes. I can add this in at any time, I just want to be sure there is a consensus on a poem first.


Alternative – Artist Notes: Adding a Burst of Color


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