Seeking: Artist to Bring Life to Melrose Promenade Crosswalks

The Melrose Promenade is getting its first two community crosswalks this summer, and we are hiring an artist to design them!


Can you help us give this crosswalk a little more personality?

In partnership with The Department of Neighborhoods, we are seeking an artist to develop site-specific artwork for two crosswalks located on Melrose Avenue at the intersections of Pike and Pine.

Please see our Request for Qualifications, and if you are interested submit your application by May 8, 2017.

Artist RFQ Melrose Promenade 2017 FINAL

Community Crosswalks Coming to Melrose Promenade Summer 2017

This summer, the Melrose Promenade is receiving its first two Community Crosswalks at Pike and Pine Streets, but before it does, we need our neighbors to weigh in on which designs they like best. We are forming a Selection Committee to oversee the selection of the artist, and the selection of the final design, and we invite you to join us. If you are unable to serve on the Selection Committee but would still like to review and weigh in on the design concepts, we will be posting them on our website and Facebook page, and hosting a community open house to review them, and to meet with us and the artist.

If you are interested in participating in the Melrose Promenade Community Crosswalk Selection Committee, please email us at

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