How might the Promenade look one day?

What do you think the future Melrose Promenade might look like?

We are grateful to our friends at GGLO for producing these renderings, which are meant to get the conversation started.

For instance, how would we like to see Bellevue Place Park used in the future? Would we like to see a p-patch under the trees along the bicycle trail? Would we like to have a plaza at the Denny Way intersection, as was illustrated in one of the images?

Let us know your thoughts!

Maybe Bellevue Place Park will look a little more like this in a few years?

Who would like to see p-patches along the bike trail just north of Roy Street?

Melrose Promenade – the Front Porch to Capitol Hill

Consultant Needed for Community Visioning Process

We are about to embark on our community visioning process and are currently seeking a consultant with expertise in planning, urban design, and/or landscape architecture to lead a series of three public meetings, develop draft concepts for the Melrose corridor, coordinate with members of the public, and produce a plan that outlines the
community’s vision for the corridor.

Our community visioning process was made possible by the City of Seattle’s Neighborhood Matching Fund program, which awarded a $20,000 grant to Central Seattle Greenways and the Melrose Promenade Advisory Committee for this project. The budget for the consultants’ work is $13,200.

For the full Request For Qualifications, click here. Please send submittals to melrose [at] gmail [dot] com.We will be accepting submittals until 6pm on October 31.

Sunset Reading on the Melrose Promenade

What’s a better backdrop for a reading by some of Seattle’s most talented writers than the Space Needle, the Olympic Mountains, and the setting sun?

Join us this Saturday at 6pm as Brian McGuigan, Katie Ogle, and Elizabeth Cooperman perform selected pieces of writing. We’ll be meeting at one of Melrose’s most scenic spots, at the foot of the East Republican Street Stairs.

Think you can make it? RSVP here.


What a backdrop for a reading!