Our Newest Supporter: Capitol Hill Community Council

Thank you to the Capitol Hill Community Council for tonight’s unanimous vote of support for the Melrose Promenade project.  We look forward to working closely with you to make this dream a reality.

Thank you also for the many great questions so many of you asked tonight.  Meaningful community engagement is the key to making civic projects like the Promenade as successful as they can be.

Check out the Capitol Hill Community Council’s resolution in support of the Melrose Promenade.

P-Patches on the Promenade?

Do you think this should be a future home to p-patches? Answer our poll!

During a recent walk-through of the Bellevue Place Park (on the northern end of the future Promenade), several of our committee members discussed the need for more active uses in this park, more reasons for people to visit it.

One idea that came up was p-patches.

Due to its proximity to I-5, some of us thought that, even if edible plants were not ideal, perhaps flowering plants would be.  At this early point, though, everything is on the table.

If a series of p-patches were built along “steps” ascending the hillside, how many of you would want one?  How many of you might think this is a good idea, even if you yourself lack a green thumb?  Would it make you visit the park more often?

Melrose Promenade Advisory Committee TONIGHT!

Are you looking to get involved in the Melrose Promenade project?  Would you like more information on it?

Come to our monthly Advisory Committee meeting tonight!  We’ll be meeting from 6pm – 7:30pm at the Capitol Hill Branch of the Seattle Public Library (425 Harvard Ave. E.)

1) Introductions
2) Recap of July Muffins on Melrose & Community Cleanup Events
3) Recap of Roy St. Plaza and Bellevue Place Park Walk-Through
4) Power Mapping Activity
5) Next Steps

Hope to see you there!

Fun-Filled Weekend on the Melrose Promenade

Summer has finally come to Seattle, and we Melrose Promenaders are making the most of the effusive sunshine and warm breezes.

On Friday morning, we greeted morning commuters at the corner of Melrose and Denny with free muffins, coffee, and conversation at our second Muffins on Melrose event.  Thank you to the dozens of community members who stopped by our table to learn more about our vision for the Melrose Promenade, and especially for all your encouragement and helpful advice.  Thank you also to our volunteers who helped make the event a success!

Interesting fact: We counted more than 400 pedestrians and bicyclists passing through the intersection of Melrose and Denny between 8am and 9:30am.  (Our friends at SDOT, did you hear that?)  Who ever said Seattle couldn’t be a walking and biking sort of town?

This morning, we held our second Melrose Promenade Community Cleanup, and Melrose hasn’t looked better in years!  We tackled the weeds on the sidewalk and along the guardrail that survived last month’s cleanup, picked up several bags worth of litter, and spray painted “Dump No Waste” signs near storm water drains.  Thank you to Victrola Coffee for donating coffee to caffeinate our volunteers and to the City of Seattle for providing tools, vests, gloves, and bags.

Do you want to get involved in events like this and in our efforts to build the Melrose Promenade?  Follow us on Facebook, email us at melrosepromenade [at] gmail [dot] com, and keep checking melrosepromenade.com for future updates.

Who’s ready to build a promenade?

UPDATE:  Check out the great photos from our friends at Central Seattle Greenways!

Happy Fourth of July on Melrose Promenade

Thousands of Seattleites packed the future Melrose Promenade to watch the fireworks tonight!

Thanks to all our new friends who took a few minutes from the revelry to chat with us about the Promenade.  It was thrilling that so many of you agree that Melrose Avenue, Bellevue Place Park, and the Melrose Bicycle Trail could be improved with our basic remedy of a wider sidewalk, benches, trees and other landscaping, lights, and public art.  We look forward to hearing more of your ideas for how to make the Melrose Promenade an even better spot to watch the fireworks in the years to come.

Welcome to MelrosePromenade.com!

Thanks for visiting our new website!

MelrosePromenade.com will provide you with background information about the Melrose Promenade Project, news and updates about events to support the Promenade, and opportunities to provide valuable input to hone the project.

Since 2010, community members have been working together to transform Capitol Hill’s Melrose Avenue into a more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly corridor.  Our vision includes widening and extending the sidewalk and adding seating, trees and other landscaping, improved lighting, and public art.  We have been working in close collaboration with the City of Seattle and many of our neighbors to bring this vision to life.

To get involved in the Melrose Promenade Project, email us at melrosepromenade [at] gmail [dot] com, and “like” us on Facebook.